kotikii sent:
found phil's shirt rageon(.)com/products/ancient-mew-t-shirt

thank you for sharing :D

Exact Ancient Mew T-Shirt - (x)
Thanks to kotikii :)

Exact Ancient Mew T-Shirt - (x)

Thanks to  :)

Exact Teenage Mutant Ninja Pikachus (x)
Thanks to phanaddiction

Exact Teenage Mutant Ninja Pikachus (x)

Thanks to 

Anonymous sent:
hi!! so i got my friend phil's cat pocket shirt and she loved it(not to mention that where i live, urban outfitters is in this really pretty place that feels like nyc!! it was amazing walking around there!!). thank you for finding that shirt, it really made my friend's birthday complete!

ohh that’s so nice :D I’m glad I could help!!

dinoblubbber sent:
HI :) do u know where phil got the avengers patterned shirt when he did the second krave challenge with dan on dan's channel

just scroll down …

Anonymous sent:
You're topman links never seem to work!I don't know if it's because im on mobile or it's sold out.

probably because the item is no longer available, I think, as they used to work when I linked them ..  :/

Anonymous sent:
do you know where phil got his cloud shirt from the oreo lick race video?

ok so there’s this very similar one http://belovedshirts.com/products/clouds-tee but his is all white on the back

its-only-maura sent:
do you know where i can get phil's Gengar shirt? there are ones on redbubble but i cant find the exact one he has. thanks :)

Anonymous sent:
Just to mention, the "All Style Posts" button links to a page that says "Not found", why is this?