dinoblubbber sent:
HI :) do u know where phil got the avengers patterned shirt when he did the second krave challenge with dan on dan's channel

just scroll down …

Anonymous sent:
You're topman links never seem to work!I don't know if it's because im on mobile or it's sold out.

probably because the item is no longer available, I think, as they used to work when I linked them ..  :/

Anonymous sent:
do you know where phil got his cloud shirt from the oreo lick race video?

ok so there’s this very similar one http://belovedshirts.com/products/clouds-tee but his is all white on the back

its-only-maura sent:
do you know where i can get phil's Gengar shirt? there are ones on redbubble but i cant find the exact one he has. thanks :)

Anonymous sent:
Just to mention, the "All Style Posts" button links to a page that says "Not found", why is this?


Anonymous sent:
Do you know where you can gets phils blue top? The one with the eye inside of the triangle that says future:)

Anonymous sent:
jeez, topman should ask Dan and Phil to do an internet promo for them already, practically half of their wardrobe is topman xD

i would also accept that promo hehe

in-her-daydream sent:
do you know where the shirt he was wearing in his 'what's in my suitcase?' video is from??? thank you :))

just posted xx

Exact Marvel Logos T-Shirt - (x)
thank you to notquitenormalmegz :D

Exact Marvel Logos T-Shirt - (x)

thank you to  :D